We have recognized expertise

Wendel’s know-how consists in selecting leading companies, making a long-term investment and helping to define ambitious strategies, while implementing a clear, explicit shareholder approach. To successfully execute its long-term investment strategy, Wendel has several strengths: a stable, family shareholder base, permanent capital and a portfolio of companies that lends the Group a very broad geographical and sectoral view. Since 1977, Wendel’s international investment teams, with their complementary profiles and expertise, have invested in a great number of successful companies, including Capgemini, BioMérieux, Reynolds, Stallergenes, Wheelabrator, Valeo, Afflelou, Editis, Deutsch and Legrand.

We are an active partner to our companies

Wendel’s investment and business development strategy is based on close communication with the managers of the companies it invests in. This partnership is central to the process by which value is created. Wendel provides constant and active support, shares risks and contributes its experience, financial and technical expertise. In the same vein, Wendel can reinvest and support companies when the economic and financial conditions or the company’s business development projects demand it. Since early 2009, Wendel has invested more than €2.6 billion, of which more than €500 million was reinvested in Saint-Gobain, Materis, Stahl and Deutsch in the form of equity and debt. Wendel is represented on the Boards of Directors and key committees—audit, governance, and strategy—of its investments, in proportion to its stake. It can therefore take part in the most important decisions made by each company without ever taking the place of its management.

The long-term shareholder's charter

To be a long-term investor, a shareholder must make a commitment that engenders trust and always be attentive to innovation, sustainable development and promising diversification activities. Wendel has created a charter that includes five overarching principles expressing this commitment:

  1. Active involvement in designing and implementing company strategies through our participation on the boards of directors and key committees of the companies in which we have invested;
  2. Firm, long-term commitments to our partner companies by supporting their development, fostering their exposure to strong-growth regions, and allocating time and resources to the innovation cycle;
  3. Constructive, transparent and stimulating dialogue with management while constantly questioning ingrained habits and rethinking models against the yardstick of global best practices;
  4. Everyday loyalty through effective relationships built on trust that recognize the respective roles of shareholders and managers;
  5. A guarantee of shareholder stability and the common cause of a long-term partner who doesn’t hesitate to make a financial commitment during tough times.