For many years, Wendel has supported education and culture through its long-term partnerships with the Wendel International Centre for Family Business (INSEAD) and the Centre Pompidou-Metz


The Centre

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The Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise

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In 2018, Wendel has widened its scope of action to solidarity. So, Wendel employees have been asked to present the NGO in which they are personally involved. The several projects were examined by the Philanthropic Committee which decided to support the following associations: 

  • Helen Keller International (France); 
  • Les Restaurants du Cœur (France); 
  • Clubhouse France (France); 
  • La Fondation de la maison de la Gendarmerie (France); 
  • Casamasanté (Senegal); 
  • La maison des enfants d’Awa (Senegal); 
  • Cycle for Survival (United States); 
  • iMentor (United States). 

Since 2020, Wendel’s solidarity and corporate patronage actions are monitored by Wendel’s endowment fund.  

A stronger commitment due to the coronavirus crisis  

True to its values and to its long-standing tradition of commitment to civil society, Wendel will show support to andsolidarity with people and organizations which are feeling the impact of the  healthcare crisis. 

Wendel believes it is very important to support cultural institutions during the current period and as a result it is renewing its sponsorship agreement with Centre Pompidou-Metz for five years. Wendel was the museum's founding sponsor at inception in 2010. Wendel is also reiterating its support for all existing healthcare and educational institutions which already benefit from its philanthropy.  

Amounts deriving from the reduction in the Executive Board's and Supervisory Board’s compensation* will be contributed to Wendel's endowment fund for the benefit of Restaurants du Coeur in France and The Bowery Mission and Empty Bowls in the United States. 

Through its portfolio company Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), Wendel is initiating a skills volunteering program for management personnel in healthcare and educational organizations. The program aims to prevent violence by financing training sessions offered by CPI’s Certified Instructors**. 

*For further information, read the press release published on June 5th, 2020.  

** To know more about CPI’s activity, read our letter to shareholders.  


Solidarity day 

As part of its ESG policy, Wendel offers the opportunity to contribute one day per employee per year to non-profit organizations.  


Contributions and donations