Defining our responsible investment approach 

Environmental, Social and Governance criteria are a core part of Wendel’s investment cycle. We conduct thorough analysis of ESG risks and opportunities prior to any investment, and continuously drive sustainable performance during the holding period.
When exiting a company’s capital, we also measure the sustainable value created. 

Promoting a diversity of thoughts, experiences and walks of life, and building an inclusive and supportive culture to foster well-being at work

The diversity of profiles within our teams is our biggest asset and allows for greater talent complementarity. We strive to develop a highly stimulating, inclusive and welcoming environment, aligned with our commitments regarding diversity and work-life balance.
Several priorities have been identified, and specific policies come in support of these commitments :
  • To preserve every employee’s personal time and prevent over-sollicitation through digital tools and platforms, Wendel implemented in 2018 a charter guaranteeing the « Right to Disconnect » outside of working hours. The Group continues to strengthen internal awareness on the charter while putting a focus on education and training for a successful integration of these working principales by all.
  • In order to foster support towards new parents, Wendel offers generous parental leaves for men and women, with no pro rata adjustment of potential bonuses in case of parental absence. The Paris office also funds childcare services for local collaborators.
  • Wendel is highly mindful of its teams professional development and has set up a 360° performance evaluation system which aims to provide an accurate, complete and transparent picture of every collaborator’s achievements. The Group also offers training opportunities to enable each employee to develop necessary on-the-job skills. 


  • Lastly, Wendel updated in june 2020 its remote work policy. This policy aims at fostering agility in our work organization, boosting collective efficiency, and improving worklife-balance. We rely on mutual trust, while respecting group imperatives and need for team cohesion.