Long-term commitment

Wendel’s long-term commitment makes it a unique investor: Wendel builds over the long term, for the long term. Every decision is made with its companies’ long-term interests in mind. Wendel supports Group companies over time: its average investment period is 15 years. The strategies it employs include providing managerial assistance, supporting acquisitions and capital expenditure and constantly focusing on innovation. Wendel also pays special attention to developing the employability of its staff. Being a long-term investor also means supporting and assisting companies through difficult times.


Wendel is a three-hundred-year-old company. Its long life can be attributed to its culture of excellence, achieved by building trust, showing reliability, setting high standards and upholding commitments.


Wendel has always been open to changes taking place in the world, demonstrating a remarkably strong ability to adapt. This openness is reflected today in its desire to further its international expansion.


Family is part of the DNA of Wendel, a family-run company. Its family values breed an exceptionally strong team spirit, both internally and among the companies in which Wendel is a shareholder. Wendel builds partnerships based on trust and responsibility with these Group companies.