As a responsible company, Wendel aims to uphold the highest standards in its governance, ethics and operational practices. We want to foster a corporate culture of transparency and integrity which inspires others, be a stimulating workplace for all employees, and a committed citizen who supports local communities.

As a professional investor for the long term, the Group aspires to support and transform with potential, in order deliver investment returns for shareholders as well as long-lasting benefits to society. We continuously encourage our portfolio companies to put sustainability at the heart of their culture, operational process and innovation drivers. 

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Wendel’s approach is based on responsibility and is rooted in a firm belief in the core values of Engagement, Excellence, and Entrepreneurial Mindset. Those values drive Wendel’s behavior both as a company and an investor to deliver its mission.

Our purpose
Engaging with entrepreneurial teams to build sustainable leading companies
Our values


First of all engagement means a high sense of responsibility towards Wendel’s people, companies, and other stakeholders.
Wendel's most notable feature as an investor is its engagement. Over the last few months, Wendel has extended this commitment by increasing its support to the portfolio companies. 
Wendel’s steadfast commitment makes us a unique investor: Wendel builds for the long term. Every decision is made with long-term interests in mind. Strategies Wendel employs include providing managerial input, supporting acquisitions and capital expenditure and constantly focusing on innovation. Wendel also pays special attention to developing the employability of its people. Investing for the long term also means supporting and assisting companies as much as possible through difficult times.

Wendel’s engagement is based on responsibility, trust, and genuine relationships: Wendel knows its people and its companies.


Wendel’s founding family has stood by for more three hundred years old. The firm’s long life can be attributed to its culture of excellence, achieved by building trust, rewarding those who remain reliable and setting high standards and upholding commitments.

Excellence translates into open-mindedness and curiosity that push teams to stretch boundaries. Wendel strives to reach excellence in its financial and operational discipline, as well as in analysis related to investment activities.

As a listed company, Wendel commits to act as a role model to unlisted companies in its portfolio.

 Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Entrepreneurship differentiates Wendel through creative thinking and action. For Wendel, Entrepreneurial Mindset indicates a certain state of mind and a behaviour that combines courage, reasoned boldness and responsibility. It is also a desire to create something useful for its people, for its companies and for its communities. 

ESG Roadmap 2023 - Lead by Example

In order to successfully carry out its mission, Wendel has defined a new ESG strategy. As a professional shareholder investing for the long term, Wendel believes that it can positively impact society and contribute to a sustainable future. The Group has the desire and ambition to become a role model for its corporate peers, with a responsible attitude to the way in which it manages its projects and supports its companies in their transformation towards sustainability leadership.

Deux piliers

Two pilars

Empower excellence and engagement

Uphold the highest governance, ethics, environmental and operational management standards

Foster employability, diversity & inclusion, wellbeing, and engagement through concrete actions

Build sustainable companies

Invest to support and transform companies which will thrive in a changing world and deliver lasting benefits to society​

ESG Governance

The Steering Committe

The ESG Steering Committee has been founded by the Executive Board in 2012. It is composed of an Executive Board member and members who represent the Company’s different business and support divisions: the Communications and Sustainable Development department, the Investment team, the Finance department, the Financial Communication department, the Internal Audit department, the General Secretariat and the Human Resources.

David Darmon​​

Group Deputy CEO

Christine Anglade Pirzadeh

Director of Sustainable Development and Communication,
Executive Board Advisor

Olivier Allot

Director of financial communication and data intelligence

Caroline Bertin-Delacour​

General Counsel and
Group Chief Compliance Officer


Stéphanie Besnier​

Managing Director

Zoubeïda Boulharouf​​

CSR Performance Manager

Caroline Decaux​

Deputy Head of Communications
and Sustainable Development

Etienne Grobon​

Director of Internal Audit

Jérôme Michiels​

Executive Vice-President, Managing Director,
Chief Financial Officer, Director of Operational Resources

Alexina Portal​

Director of Human Resources