Our shareholders

For more than three centuries, Wendel has been supported by the Wendel family, our core shareholder group. The family shareholders are grouped in Wendel-Participations SE, which owns 39.6% of Wendel’s share capital. Wendel-Participations SE is owned by c. 1,300 members of the Wendel family and legal entities. The Wendel family is represented by six members of the Supervisory Board. This strong, long-term shareholding structure enables Wendel to focus year after year on value creation and on the long-term growth of our investments, for the benefit of the companies in our portfolio and of all of Wendel’s shareholders.

The rest of Wendel’s shares are held principally by institutions (35.3%), 27,990 individuals (21.4%) and Wendel employees (1.2%).

Main Wendel’s shareholders as of December 31, 2023
Share capital Voting rights
Wendel-Participations SE 39.6% 52.6%
First Eagle 4.4% 2.9 %
Treasury shares​ (registered shares) 2.1%
Group savings plan​ 0.8% 1.0%
Other shareholders (institutional and individual)​ 53.1% 43.5%
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