Wendel as a responsible company

Wendel seeks to foster excellence and commitment in governance, ethics, respect for the environment, employability, inclusion and employee engagement.

The Group has made significant commitments to ensure that its internal operations comply with its values and the ESG objectives set within its portfolio companies.

Governance and ethics

As a professional shareholder and a public company, Wendel promotes high standards of governance and risk management. At Wendel’s level, this aim is primarily reflected in a solid governance structure comprised of two distinct bodies, built upon clear rules and open dialogue.

In addition, all Group employees receive mandatory training in business ethics. Wendel’s Code of Ethics, which was completely revised in 2020, provides a reference framework for ethical and sustainable business conduct, beyond legal requirements.

Respect for the environment

The Wendel Group is aware of the crisis of climate change and the importance of a collective effort globally to mitigate its effects. The company measures its carbon footprint each year and implements actions aimed at reducing its CO2 emissions, including in the areas of supply of renewable energy, responsible selection of suppliers, etc..

Wendel is also committed, at its own level, to reducing the amount of resources consumed and waste generated through its activity.

Employability, inclusion and employees’ engagement

Wendel invests in the development of individual skills, in particular through personalized development plans. The Group cultivates a stimulating and inclusive environment, and develops initiatives in favor of quality of life at work and gender equality.

Finally, Wendel encourages the solidarity commitment of its teams through initiatives to benefit charitable activities.

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