Crisis Prevention Institute

CPI, the global leader in crisis management training programs

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Crisis Prevention Institute, “CPI,” is the global leader in crisis prevention and aggressive behavior management training programs. For 43 years, CPI has been providing crisis prevention and intervention training programs to help professionals anticipate and respond to anxious, hostile and violent behaviors with safe and effective methods.

(1) Share of equity owned by Wendel as of December 31, 2023.
(2) Amount of equity invested by Wendel as of December 31, 2023, for the stake held at that date representing €511 million.
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Why did we invest in Crisis Prevention Institute?

CPI is the world leader in crisis management training and is seen by healthcare and education professionals as the “gold standard”. The company’s training programs have proven to be effective in improving personal safety and focus on the appropriate responses to high-risk situations. Moreover, they support staff retention and significantly reduce the likelihood of violence in the workplace as well as its seriousness and related costs. Drawing on in-depth knowledge of the relevant regulations at state and federal level, which are constantly changing and expanding in scope, CPI helps its clients to comply with regulatory requirements and to defend themselves in the event of incidents.

CPI’s long-standing financial success is evidence of the quality of services the company offers its clients. CPI’s business model is strengthened by its diverse customer base, a net retention rate of over 100% and the relationships it has built over the past 43 years: CPI’s top 500 key clients have been customers for at least 20 years. Wendel’s investment in CPI was motivated by the company’s ability to expand this base, and to realize the significant potential for growth in adjacent markets and services. Wendel is supporting CPI management and employees in expanding the scope of their services and creating a global training platform with an even greater impact.

Crisis Prevention Institute

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The CPI team is thrilled to have found a long-term partner in Wendel, particularly given our shared vision for the important work and social impact our team has on the communities we serve every day.

Tony Jace

CPI presented a unique opportunity to invest in a clear market leader with attractive long‑term, global growth prospects and an important mission that aligns well with Wendel’s values.

Adam Reinmann
Chairman of CPI’s Board of Directors

What is the development potential?

CPI is benefiting from its position as leader in a market where demand for training on preventing and de-escalating crisis situations is increasingly high. CPI services are increasingly in demand due to a greater number of incidents and ever more restrictive regulations introduced by state and federal government. This is particularly true of educational and healthcare establishments which currently represent the bulk of CPI’s sales. This is also increasingly the case in other sectors where violence and trauma in the workplace are commonplace. In addition to continuing these initiatives aimed at expanding in the United States, CPI is also investing in increasing its international presence, which accounted for around 20% of sales in 2023, mainly to clients in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. The company is constantly evaluating and improving its training programs and teaching methods. It will continue to suggest improvements, specialized services and new technological solutions over time in order to equip clients who are exposed to varying degrees of risk, enabling them to manage violence at work effectively.

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CPI’s ESG approach

Since CPI’s founding, the Institute has played an increasing role in advocacy for the underserved populations and drastically reducing workplace violence. In 2018, CPI signed the internationally recognized “Principles of Responsible Investment” (PRI) to demonstrate its commitment to include PRI in evaluating business investments and operations.

As a continuation, CPI implemented strategies and metrics in 2020 to align with Wendel Group’s vision of ESG as a value-adding engine and avenue to maintain CPI’s industry leadership.

Wendel’s role in corporate governance

Board of Directors
Adam Reinmann (Chairman)
Maud Funaro
Mel Immergut
Harper Mates   

Audit Committee
Harper Mates (Chairwoman)
Adam Reinmann
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