Credit Investors

Standard & Poor’s ratings as of January 25, 2019: Long term: BBB with stable outlook – Short term: A-2.

Wendel has put in place in 2009 a policy for providing periodic information to bondholders, similar to the one for shareholders. In addition, Wendel organizes regular credit updates in Europe. To obtain additional information, please contact the investor relations team:


After the merger in June 2002, Wendel sought a rating from Standard & Poor’s.
On January 25, 2019, the Standard and Poor’s rating agency announced that it has upgraded Wendel’s long-term credit rating from BBB- to BBB (stable outlook) and the short-term credit rating from A-3 to A-2.

General Meetings of bondholders 2015

The Bondholders are convened in General Meeting to approve the change of Wendel into a European Company.

The General Meetings will be held on first convening on second convening, on March 23rd 2015.

The voting forms, along with the certificates, are to be sent for the record date, on Friday March 20th 2015.


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