Measuring our Performance


For nearly a decade, Wendel’s Sustainable Development Team and ESG Committee have been implementing and developing initiatives to increase the Group’s ESG performance as well as transparency and the quality of its extra-financial information. Since 2019, Wendel’s long-standing efforts have been recognized by the external extra-financial ratings agencies that have assessed the performance of Wendel.

Summary of Wendel’s extra-financial ratings in 2020

Inclusion in the World and Europe Dow Jones Sustainability Index with a score of 71
Double AA rating, ranked among industry leaders
Classified as “Negligeable Risk”, and first among its peers with the same level of market capitalization.
(as of september 2021)
B rating (first participation in 2020) – marks a sustained consideration of the impacts of climate change on the Group’s activities
Score of 69/100, above the industry average (51/100)
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