Success is teamwork

Wendel’s support is built around a relationship of trust whose ambition is to create sustainable leaders. The top management of our operating subsidiaries know that they can always count on Wendel’s advice and support in their projects.

40 years

40 years of sustainable growth

For more than 40 years, Wendel has been a pioneer in the private equity sector. Over the decades, the Group’s teams have made bold investment choices at strategic times. These successes are illustrated by the creation of world leaders specializing in various sectors.

ESG Commitments

Building sustainable companies

Wendel has made important commitments to ensure that its internal operations are conducted according to its values and the ESG goals defined within the portfolio companies.

David Darmon
Member of the Executive Board, Group Deputy CEO
Investment phase

All investment opportunities are systematically assessed through a newly defined exclusion list and a business model resilience test. The ESG maturity of the companies is then assessed as part of an in-depth Sustainability due diligence.

Holding phase

An ESG transformation roadmap is defined for each portfolio company, based on ESG due diligence carried out in advance. This roadmap systematically includes items related to operational eco-efficiency with a strong focus on climate change issues as well as the ESG innovation of products and services. Investment teams at Wendel and portfolio companies’ management teams are also held accountable for progress against this roadmap with an alignment of variable remuneration with performance.

Exit phase

The transformation achieved within the company will be highlighted and showcased through an exit memo and presented to the Supervisory Board. When circumstances allow it, Wendel ensures wherever possible, that it associates the teams of the divested company with the value created.

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