Individual shareholders

This page is fully dedicated to our individual shareholders. All the relevant information can be found below.

NAV per share as of March 31, 2024
Dividend per share subject to approval by the Shareholders Meeting of May 16, 2024
≈ €7,127 m
Consolidated Sales as of December 31, 2023
Update for holders of shares in nominative form

To initiate your payments (in particular for payments in the framework of dividends and sale of shares), Société Générale Securities Services must have your (i) bank details and (ii) identity and residence documents.

If you have not received your Wendel dividends following the 2022 Shareholders’ Meeting, it means that all or part of the information is missing. We invite you to provide it as soon as possible in order to receive your dividends.

Being a shareholder at Wendel

The different ways to hold Wendel shares

In bearer

Your shares are held in a securities account or an Equity Savings Plan (PEA) at your financial institution.

In “administred registered” form

Your shares are held in a securities account or a PEA at your financial institution and are recorded in your name in Wendel’s register.

In “pure” registered  form

Your shares are held in a securities account at Société Générale, recorded in your name in Wendel’s register and managed by Wendel.

Frequently asked questions :

What are the advantages of holding Wendel shares?

Single securities account, double voting rights once the shares have been held for two years or no custodial fees…Each ways to hold Wendel shares have its own advantage.

Find out more about “The different ways to hold Wendel shares” in the Shareholders’s guide.

How can I transfer shares to “pure” registered form?

You can ask Société Générale to transfer your shares to «pure» registered form. To do this, please contact:

Société Générale SGSS/GIS Service nominatif, 32, rue du Champ-de-Tir – BP 81236 44312 Nantes (France)

Note: You should find out in advance if your financial institution will charge you fees for this transfer.

What are the services for consulting and managing your portfolio of shares held in «pure» registered form?

As a holder of Wendel shares in «pure» registered form, you benefit from specific services: a website for managing your portfolio and telephone assistance. It is easier for you to access information and to submit your orders.

Société Générale – Securities Services offers the following methods for viewing and managing your shares held in «pure» registered form:

  • a voice server: NOMILIA accessible by dialing the following number: +33 (0)2 51 85 67 89*
  • a website: SHARINBOX accessible at the following address: sharinbox.societegenerale.com
Shareholders’ meetings

All shareholders whose shares are recorded in an account two business days before the Shareholders’ Meeting may attend the Meeting or be represented at the Meeting as follows:

You have several options.

You can:

  • attend the Shareholders’ Meeting personally by requesting an admission card, then showing ID and proof that you are a shareholder on the day of the Meeting,
  • give a proxy to the Chairman of the Meeting or to any other person or legal entity of your choice, whether that person/entity is a shareholder or not,
  • fill out and return the voting form by post.

Note: shareholders who have already cast their vote remotely, sent a proxy or requested an admission card for the Meeting may no longer change their method of participation.

Frequently asked questions :

How to attend to the Shareholders’ Meetings

To find out the steps to attend Wendel’s Annual General Meeting, consult the Shareholder’s guide.

How to proceed if you do not have an admission card?

For holders of registered shares:

If you have not received your admission card three days before the Shareholders’ Meeting, you can contact Société Générale’s admission card call center between 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM Monday through Friday at +33 (0) 825 315 315.

For holders of bearer shares:

If you have not received your admission card in time, you may go to the reception area on the day of the Meeting and present a valid form of identification and a share ownership certificate from your financial intermediary.

What if you can not physically attend the Shareholders’ Meeting?

Shareholders who cannot be physically present at the Meeting can watch a live webcast on www.wendelgroup.com.

How can i vote or appoint someone to represent me?

Voting and proxy procedures are detailed in the Shareholder’s Guide.

How can I find out in advance what will be discussed at the Shareholders’ Meeting?

Beginning 21 days before the Shareholders’ Meeting, you can go to www.wendelgroup.com to learn about the various resolutions that will be proposed at the Meeting. The same documents will also be available for consultation in Wendel’s head office at 4 rue Paul-Cézanne 75008 Paris(France).

Purchasing and selling Wendel shares

To purchase or sell shares, you must submit a buy or sell order:

  • to the financial intermediary that manages your securities account if the shares are held in «administered» registered form or in bearer form;
  • to Société Générale if your shares are held in «pure» registered form.

Frequently asked questions :

 What should my order include?

Your buy or sell order must include the following information:

  • the transaction’s direction: buy or sell ;
  • the name and ISIN code3 of the shares (FR0000121204) ;
  • the number of shares ;
  • the type of order (see table below) ;
  • the expiration date.

Find out more about the different limits of validity, the choice of stock market order and the amount of stock exchange fees, on the Shareholder’s Guide.

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