Tarkett, a worldwide leader in innovative flooring and sports surface solutions

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capital held by Wendel

In the Wendel portfolio since 2021

Tarkett Group leadership is the result of 140 years of flooring experience, thanks to the talent, values and commitment of generations of entrepreneurs. Initially known as Allibert and Sommer, the company’s story begins with the ideas, energy and commitment of its founding entrepreneurs.

(1) Rate of indirect ownership of the share capital of Tarkett SA by Wendel at December 31, 2021, net of treasury shares and pro forma for
the capitalization of sums temporarily invested by Wendel in shareholder loans. Interest held via Tarkett Participation in the context of
the agreement with the Deconinck family.

Tarkett develops, manufactures and sells one of the broadest ranges of flooring products and addresses diversified commercial and residential end-markets, mainly focus on renovation. The Group also benefits from a very balanced exposure in terms of geography.

Key figures
€2,792.1 m
2021 sales
€222 m
amount invested by Wendel since 2021(2)
c. 12,000
employees including 26 % of women among managers and executives
13 %
of raw materials come from recycled materials
(2) Amount invested in partnership with the Deconinck family, for the acquisition of Tarkett shares.

Why did we invest in Tarkett ?

As part of its 2021-24 investment strategy, Wendel has partnered with the Deconinck family to form Tarkett Participation, which will support Tarkett’s growth. The Deconinck family will maintain a controlling stake in the company. Wendel is represented on Tarkett’s Board of Directors and has corporate governance rights in coherence with the level of its minority shareholding.

What is Tarkett’s ESG approch?

For over 140 years now, Tarkett commits every day to the design of great spaces. For Tarkett, this means putting people and planet first, caring about the environment and the health of present and future generations incorporated byTarkett Human-Conscious DesignTM approach.

It is Tarkett’s holistic way of doing business capable of marrying the specific expectations of each of its customers with the profound challenges of protecting our planet, reducing its carbon footprint and changing the game with circular economy. Working together with its partners, Tarkett delivers safer and healthier spaces in which people can reach their full potential.

Read Tarkett’s 2021 CSR report.

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score obtained by CDP, “management level” category (2021)
score obtained by MSCI (2020)
Platinum Medal, in top 1% of its industry category, highest level of maturity in this rating a company can reach (2021)
Low Risk assessed by Sustainalytics (2020)

Wendel’s role in corporate governance

Tarkett Participation
Board of Directors
Charles Goulet

Tarkett SA
Board of Directors
Charles Goulet (Observer)

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