Measuring our performance


For nearly a decade, Wendel’s Sustainable Development Team and ESG Committee have been implementing and developing initiatives to increase the Group’s ESG performance as well as transparency and the quality of its extra-financial information. Since 2019, Wendel’s long-standing efforts have been recognized by the external extra-financial ratings agencies that have assessed the performance of Wendel.

Summary of Wendel’s extra-financial ratings in 2021

Score of 76/100
Wendel is the only French company in the Diversified Financials sector to be present in the World and Europe indices
AA rating
Ranked among industry leaders
Classified as “Negligible Risk”
#1 among its peers with the same level of market capitalization
Top 50 ESG Performer
B- rating
“Climate change management” level
Score of 75/100
Score of 3.4/5
Above the industry average (2.4/5)
C+ rating, Prime status
Among the top 10% of companies in the sector & the most transparent companies
Score of 58/100
Ranked 4th in its sector

Other distinctions

In October 2021, Wendel won the Grand Prix de la Transparence 2021 (Grand Prize for Transparency), toutes catégories (all categories). The Group was also nominated for the prix Charte Ethique (Ethics Charter prize) as well as the Grand Prix de l’information extra-financière (Grand Prize for Extra-financial Information).

The Transparency survey, conducted under the aegis of an independent Scientific Committee, enables issuers to measure their performance in terms of transparency each year and to identify the best market practices. This recognition, which ranks Wendel first among all SBF 120 (France/French-listed) companies, attests to the quality of its practices in terms of financial communication and to the significant efforts made in recent years to deploy and present the Group’s ESG strategy.

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