ESG strategy and priorities

Wendel’s approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards is based on responsibility and is rooted in a firm belief in the core values of engagement, excellence, and entrepreneurship. Those values drive Wendel’s behavior both as a company and an investor to deliver its mission: engaging with entrepreneurial teams to build sustainable leading companies.

Wendel’s ESG approach
Our ESG strategy
2 pillars
  • Wendel as a responsible company
  • ESG as an investment priority
Our priority commitments
  • Gender parity & diversity
  • Climate change
  • Health & Safety at work
  • Sustainable and/or eco-designed products and services
Measurable ESG performance

Our strategy for 2023

For some time, Wendel has believed that ESG standards constitute a driver for sustainable growth.
Buoyed by a 300-year-old culture of excellence, engagement and entrepreneurship, we are committed to becoming a role model for corporate peers, and supporting talented management teams across the world in building the sustainable leading companies of tomorrow.

As a responsible company, Wendel has made significant commitments to ensure that its internal operations comply with its values and the ESG objectives set within its portfolio companies. The Group promotes positive and transparent governance and business ethics, is committed to a stimulating and inclusive work environment, and is mindful of its environmental and climate footprint.

As a professional, long-term investor, the Group aspires to support and transform with potential, in order to deliver investment returns for shareholders as well as lasting benefits to society. We continuously encourage our portfolio companies to put sustainability at the heart of their culture and operational and innovation processes.

Pillar 1
Wendel as a responsible company

Foster excellence and commitment in:

  • governance, ethics,
  • respect for the environment,
  • employability, inclusion and employees’ engagement.
Pillar 2
ESG as an investor

Invest to support the prosperity and transformation of companies that are respectful of society and the environment.

Highlights 2020

In 2020, Wendel implemented concrete actions in line with its 4 priorities to achieve the ambitions it has set for itself as a responsible company and as an investor.

– Pillar 1, Wendel as a responsible company
Gender parity & diversity

37% of women in investment teams

Climate change

Paperless plan: 71% of reduction of paper used at the Group’s headquarters

Health & Safety at work

6 employee well-being initiatives in place

– Pillar 2, ESG as an investor
Gender parity & diversity

80% of controlled companies have committed to a better gender balance on their workforce

Climate change

60% of controlled companies have published quantitative targets for reducing CO2 eq emissions

Health & Safety at work

100% of controlled companies organizing health and safety training

Sustainable and/or eco-designed products and services

100% of controlled companies have identified priorities for offering sustainable products and services and have defined related action plans

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