Wendel and Bureau Veritas Group are listed in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2023

Published : 25.04.2023
#Commitments, Engagements

The S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2023 rewards the companies in each sector that have demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability. To be included in the Yearbook, a company must be among the top 15% in its sector and obtain a sustainability score that is within 30% of the best-performing company in its sector. More than 7,800 companies were evaluated for the Yearbook 2023.

This year, Bureau Veritas was among the top 5% of S&P Global’s ESG scores in the professional services sector. This award underscores Bureau Veritas’s commitment and continued effort to offer sustainable services and solutions, in accordance with its Green Line services. Wendel’s values as a corporate entity and as an investor are the same as Bureau Veritas, and it partners with talented management teams to build sustainable leaders.

For more information, please visit Bureau Veritas’s website.