Wendel Cares Lunch Plastic Odyssey

Published : 17.01.2024

On Friday, October 6, Wendel employees attended a presentation of Plastic Odyssey given by its co-founder and CEO Simon Bernard at Wendel’s Paris headquarters. This Wendel Cares-supported program is a both a ship and a laboratory, and it acts as an ambassador of plastic waste reduction and recycling.

This unique ship is designed to promote simple solutions for reducing plastic pollution the world over, solutions that we can all implement. The Plastic Odyssey team has taken on a dual mission: “Clean up the Past” and “Build the Future”.

This inspiring presentation, followed by a lively discussion, enabled Wendel employees to better understand the ship’s ecosystem and the landbased initiatives associated with it, as well as Plastic Odyssey’s scientific and educational role in the development of local solutions that can be deployed on a wide scale.