CSP Technologies: 2015-2018

Published : 22.06.2018
#Success Story

One year after opening its New York office, Wendel announced in December 2014 that it had entered into exclusive negotiations with a family with a view to acquiring US-based CSP Technologies (“CSP”), the world’s leading manufacturer of vials for diabetic test strips, with two plants in Auburn, Alabama (U.S.A.) and Niederbronn in Alsace (France).

Wendel remained in the capital of CSP Technologies from 2015 to 2018. During these three years, the Group supported the development of CSP by investing heavily in innovation and the modernization of its industrial facilities.

In early 2016, Wendel supported CSP’s development in new markets and financed its very first acquisition with Maxwell Chase Technologies, a company specializing in the production of active food packaging, i.e. that controls the level of humidity and thus improves the quality and shelf life of fresh produce (fresh cut fruit, vegetables, meats etc.), with an additional capital contribution of approximately $29 million.

The repositioning of CSP with new technologies and a more varied product portfolio attracted the interest of many industrial players. In August 2018, Wendel finalized the sale of CSP Technologies to Aptar Group for an enterprise value of $555 million, i.e. 13 times adjusted EBITDA.

This transaction generated net cash for Wendel of $342 million. The IRR for this operation was 14.3% per year.

  • 3 years of ownership
  • World leader in vials for diabetic test strips
  • Revenue up by 30% over the period
  • Sale to Aptar Group for an enterprise value of $555 million
  • Investment multiple of 1.5x
  • Amount invested by Wendel: $228 million
40 years

40 years of sustainable growth

For more than 40 years, Wendel has been a pioneer in the private equity sector. Over the decades, the Group’s teams have made bold investment choices at strategic times. These successes are illustrated by the creation of world leaders specializing in various sectors.