Support strategy

Wendel is an active and committed shareholder that sees its role as that of a partner in the performance of and creation of value in companies. Wendel’s ambition is to build long-term partnerships with its portfolio companies, drawing on the expertise of its teams to generate sustainable value.

Wendel expertise

For more than 40 years, Wendel’s mission has been to support its operating subsidiaries, in line with their needs. This is a long-term commitment that aims to position the companies as leaders in their business segments or, when they are already leaders, to further consolidate their position. In concrete terms, this involves the implementation of strategies and application of Wendel’s multidisciplinary experience, particularly in acquisitions.

The successful Allied Universal investment illustrates Wendel’s expertise. The American company, which in 2015 was acquired when it was named AlliedBarton, moved through various phases of growth under the leadership of Wendel.
Right after establishing its initial investment in the company, Wendel facilitated the merger with Universal Services of America. Then, in 2018, the new entity, renamed Allied Universal, merged with U.S. Security Associates (USSA), a major competitor, to become the leading security company in North America.

Partnering with Wendel allows a management team to benefit from strong advice, including contributions from investment and development teams, as well as corporate teams, including specialists in compliance, cybersecurity, or ESG (Environment, Social, Governance). Wendel’s teams work closely with the management teams of the operating subsidiaries, sharing expertise and a professional network, enabling them to achieve concrete results.

The role of our Operating Partners

Wendel’s support is also demonstrated in the operational expertise it provides through its Operating Partners. As members of the investment team, the Operating Partners have as their mission the maximization of the value of each investment by helping the management teams to define and execute their value creation plans. Far from acting on behalf of the companies’ management, the role of the Operating Partner is to be a trusted advisor to the companies’ leaders in order to support them in best decision-making and optimize operational performance. Prior to investments, the Operating Partners are involved in due diligence, providing the Investment and Development Committee with insight into the value creation opportunities and risks. They bring a seasoned combination of C-level and consultant backgrounds, also leverage the specialists of the corporate teams (ESG, IT, etc.) and our network of experts and Senior Advisors, and seek to share best practices across the portfolio.

Support focused on ESG development…

Wendel’s mission is to work with entrepreneurial teams to build sustainable leaders, creating companies that are able to anticipate and respond effectively to changes in society and market demand. To this end, ESG is placed at the heart of the Group’s strategy. The Group’s operating subsidiaries can count on Wendel to help advance them in these areas. For example, since being acquired by Wendel in 2015, the flexible packaging company Constantia Flexibles has accelerated to meet environmental (recyclability of packaging, reduction of carbon footprint) and social challenges. On several occasions, Constantia Flexibles has received top scores from non-financial ratings organizations. In 2021, for the fourth consecutive year, Constantia Flexibles was awarded an EcoVadis gold medal by an independent ESG assessment platform. Separately, since its acquisition by Wendel in 2006, Stahl, a specialist in leather chemicals, has stepped up its efforts considerably in order to achieve a 100% sustainable supply chain. The Dutch company’s shares were awarded an EcoVadis silver medal.


… and digitalization

The growth of Wendel portfolio companies is closely correlated with advances in digitalization. The Group therefore pays particular attention to this area, advising the managers of its operating subsidiaries in accelerating their digital transformation.

Focus on Wendel Growth

Wendel created Wendel Growth in 2013 in response to the Group’s desire to continuously improve its knowledge of new business models and disruptive technologies.

With Wendel Growth, Wendel invests via funds or directly in innovative, high-growth companies. Wendel Growth allows the Group to have visibility on several hundred start-ups, mainly in the digital field.

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